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  • Chain Lift SkipWith the capacity of 2 to 15 cubic yards, the chain lift skip can be used for the transport and recycling of various household waste, construction waste, and waste materials. It can also serve as the transport container in the mines.
  • Front Load BinAvailable with the volume of 2 to 8 cubic yards, the front load bin is mainly used to store and transport light waste and materials. It comes with channels on both sides, which makes it easy for the truck to pour wastes out.
  • Hook Lift BinUsed in conjunction with a hooklift, the hook lift bin is applied in the recycling and transport of various urban solid wastes, like household garbage, construction debris, etc. It can also be used to transport ores in the mines.
  • Self Dumping HopperWhen the dump hopper is filled up with trash, release the handle on the back of the hopper. Then, the hopper will lean forwards automatically to pour the trash out, which is labor-saving.
  • Wire Mesh ContainerThe wire mesh container we offer is used for the recycling and transport of lightweight renewable resources, like wastepaper, plastic bottles, etc. On both side of this recycling container, there is a channel which makes it easy for the waste stored inside to be poured out.
  • Shipping Container HousingElectrical systems, from basic UL/CE approved systems to complete custom industrial systems, can be built into the shipping container housing as per customer request.
  • Liquid Gas Tank Container Equipped with the door and lock system for ISO shipping containers, our tank container gas station is characterized by high safety and reliability as well as easy operation. The air exhausts are made on the top.
  • Generator Container Our generator container is equipped with a removable ladder which makes it easy to maintain the container and does not affect the overall dimension of the container.
  • Ticket Booth ContainerMainly used as a temporary ticket office, the ticket booth container is 6058mm×2438mm×2591mm (L×W×H) in size. One side plate is designed with 6 windows, with the size of 914mm×460mm, while the other side has a single door.

Our company produces three series of products, including waste containers, shipping container housing, and special equipment containers. Waste container includes chain lift skip, front load bin, wire mesh container, hook lift bin, and self dumping hopper, and special equipment container can be divided into gas station container, generator container, and ticket booth container.

Up to ISO9001:2000 standard, our product is featured with high quality. First, our company has good suppliers and quality management strictly in accordance with ISO9001:2000 quality system. Second, our professional and technical employees, including welder, machine operator, and painter, have to be professionally trained and evaluated before they can work. In order to improve employees’ quality, our company will regularly organize training and technical competition. Third, our factory owns advanced processing equipment, including automatic welder, bender, press, drilling machine, sawing machine, plate shearing machine, plasma cutting machine, airless sprayer, etc.

Waste Containers
With an experience of designing and producing steel container for ten years, our company is able to meet customers’ specific requirements. We can design and produce all kinds of waste containers with loading volumes varying from two to fifty cubic yards. Due to its high quality and favorable price, the product is accepted by customers in many countries all over the world.

As a kind of container in a specific industry, waste container is mainly used to store and transport goods. It is widely applied to the recycling and transportation of urban household garbage, construction waste, junk, and mining minerals. The major devices of waste container can be divided into three types, namely hook lift bin, front load bin, and chain lift skip. The pictures are as follows.

Shipping Container Housing
HEE, from its foundation, has been providing low cost construction of modular units. Expertly trained employees specialize in installation of electrical equipment, plumbing, HVAC, and custom equipment for modular construction. With this combined experience and insight, HEE can assist customers with all their modular unit requirements.

HEE uses a patented design to convert cargo containers into insulated modular units for housing, dormitories and temporary camp facilities. Each modular unit is built and customized to the customer’s specific requirements. Thanks to modular designs, the unit can be stacked and placed on remote sites with limited space, so it can provide convenience for logistical moves by ocean, rail, aircraft and truck transport. Crane or forklift can be used on site.

HEE is ready to assist clients with their conceptual ideas and advance those ideas into a feasible plan to design the final project. We can assist clients with their initial project assessment and develop project budget, all the way to final project completion. The overall dimension of modular housing container is designed according to ISO standards, while the inner parts are designed, in accordance with customers’ requirements, to be kitchen, dining room, bathroom, living room, laundry, and office, etc. Electrical systems, from basic UL/CE approved systems to complete custom industrial systems, can be built into the modular units as required by individual customer.

The HEE modular units can be procured as single modules for limited or single use. Multi module units can be procured and utilized as multi module facilities or larger compound structures. The product can also be stacked for easy storage if not in use. Pre-fabricated modular unit facilities can be set up in less time than conventional construction. HEE modular units can be used in the harshest environments. Also, modular units can be customized to accommodate site-specific wind and snow load requirements, which has been proven in the extreme climates of the arctic.