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Generator Container

Generator Container

The generator container, as the name suggests, is a container for holding generator.

1. Dimensions: 6058mm×2438mm×2896mm (L×W×H)

2. The container shell is made of corrugated steel sheet with the thickness of 2 mm. The distance between the peak plane and valley plane is 38 mm. The tread plate with the thickness of 4 mm is used as the baseplate.

3. Shutters for ventilation are fabricated and installed in the generator container, with the ventilation coefficient no less than 0.75.

4. A cable outlet door is made and installed on this special container. It is 600mm long and 450mm wide. Fixed by hinge and lock, the door opens outwards to the left.

5. The opening for the maintenance door is 800mm×2000mm (W×H) in size.

6. There are several orifices on the walls of the container. The fuel filler and cable outlet are welded from square tubes with the size of 40mm×40mm, while the air inlet shutter, air exhaust shutter and maintenance door frame are welded from square tubes with the size of 40mm×80mm.

7. Our generator container is equipped with a removable ladder which makes it easy to maintain the container and does not affect the overall dimension of the container.

8. The end of the generator enclosure is equipped with a double door.

9. The gross weight of the diesel generator set is about 4325kg, and the whole container power plant weighs 9000kg or so.

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