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Shipping Container Housing

Want a strong house built in a short time? The shipping container housing is definitely an optimal choice. Shipping containers can carry heavy loads and be stacked up. They can also resist harsh environments. Hence, they are an excellent building material. The house made of shipping containers certainly inherits those abovementioned merits and thus enjoys wide applications.

a. Mining and Logging Camps
b. Construction Camps
c. Construction Offices
d. Farmworker Camps
e. Classrooms
f. Showrooms and Sales Centers

1. Size
HEE uses a patented design to convert 20ft and 40ft shipping containers into modular houses.

2. Structure
Mild steel is used to make the container. Then, we make doors and windows in accordance with the drawings that have been confirmed already. Usually ribs or ridges are added under the roof panel to make the roof stronger. All these make the modular unit well suited for use in the harshest environments. Actually, our container house has passed the test in the extreme climates of the arctic. The shipping container housing can also be customized to accommodate special climate requirements.

3. Insulation
EPS, PU spraying, plasterboard, and rock wool sandwich panel can be chosen for the insulation inside the modular building. In fact, insulation is not required in areas of mild weather.

4. Electric system
Electrical systems, from basic UL/CE approved systems to complete custom industrial systems, can be built into the shipping container housing as per customer request.

5. Commercial Unit
A single modular unit can be procured for limited or single use while multiple modular units can be purchased and used as multi-module facilities or larger compound structures. Additionally, the modular units can be stacked for easy storage if not in use.

Container House
Firstly, customers tell us the size of the house they want, the area where the container house is placed, and the necessary facilities, like TV, air conditioner, lighting fixture, doors and windows, kitchen, bathroom, rest room, etc. Then, we calculate the amount of containers needed and confirm thermal insulation materials with customers. Finally we confirm all the facilities and arrangements. Our shipping container housing is made of low-carbon steel, so it is safe and reliable.

Modular Housing
The overall dimensions of our modular housing is designed according to ISO standards, while the inner parts are divided, in accordance with customer requirements, into office, kitchen, bathroom, dining room, living room, and laundry room. The modular unit is transported via truck, ship, train, or plane. Crane or forklift can be used on site.

2-Storey Camping House
20' container house
40' Container House
Camping House
North Dakota Camping House
Interior of a Container House
Toilet and Shower Unit

As an experienced shipping container housing manufacturer inChina, HEE offers a comprehensive range of products that includes ticket booth container, chain lift skip, self dumping hopper, and more.

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