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Wire Mesh Container

Wire Mesh Container

The wire mesh container we offer is used for the recycling and transport of lightweight renewable resources, like wastepaper, plastic bottles, etc. On both side of this recycling container, there is a channel which makes it easy for the waste stored inside to be poured out. Also, the two channels on the bottom of the wire mesh container bring convenience to short-distance transport by forklift.

1. Material: Mild steel
2. Size: Customized, typically 3-10 cubic yards
3. Welded or bolted channels on the bottom and both sides
4. Equal angle steel is used to make the top rails
5. No lids supplied except steel lids
6. Painting: 2 layers of zinc rich primer, the color of which is up to your choice
7. Hot dip galvanizing is available

HEE is a professional wire mesh container manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a broad range of products, including self dumping hopper, shipping container housing, ticket booth container, liquid gas tank container and more.

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