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Self Dumping Hopper

Self Dumping Hopper

The self dumping hopper is suitable for the recycling and transport of various waste materials, household garbage, and construction debris. Made of mild steel, this self dumping container comes with two layers of zinc rich primer and the primer color can be specified by customers. Hot dip galvanizing is also available.

When the dump hopper is filled up with trash, release the handle on the back of the hopper. Then, the hopper will lean forwards automatically to pour the trash out, which is labor-saving. Also, there are channels on the bottom of this self-tipping container to facilitate short-distance transport by forklift.

Our self dumping hopper is available with the size ranging from 2 to 4 cubic yards, but we can also make products according to customer requirements.

HEE is a professional self dumping hopper manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company provides a variety of products, including ticket booth container, hook lift bin, chain lift skip, shipping container housing, and much more.

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